Announcing the ROMP Blogger Search!

With just over 24 hours left to shop for this month’s round, we’re excited to announce our upcoming blogger search. Check below for more details, then hit up our stores to grab your pieces and start blogging!


BLOGGERS! ROMP is looking for you!

There are just over 24 hours left of the inaugural round of ROMP Monthly, and we’re looking for bloggers to celebrate! Stop by the stores in ROMP, grab your favorite items, and any time between now and September 21st, include them (with links to the creators’ stores!) in a blog post, and post one of your blog photos on our Flickr group (here: ). The organizers will look through them, and bloggers for the upcoming rounds of ROMP Monthly will be chosen from those posted!

The Rules:

  1. You must clearly feature at least one item from the September round of ROMP Monthly.
  2. Your blog must be at least six months old at the time your entry is posted.
  3. You must agree to include at least two items from each ROMP Monthly round in your posts, if chosen as a regular blogger.
  4. Bloggers understand that they are NOT guaranteed review copies, and agree not to IM creators to request review copies unless specifically invited to do so (via notices, signs in store, etc.).
  5. Bloggers must credit EVERYTHING in their post, and include a link to each store credited.
  6. IMPORTANT: Tag your photo entries in our Flickr group with “ROMPBlogger” so we’re sure you’re applying as a blogger!

And lastly, this is less a rule than common sense: ROMP is about elegant kink, and we expect our bloggers to be able to reflect that. Even if your blog isn’t explicitly kinky (or your posts aren’t), your blog should reflect the level of taste we expect from our designers.

There’s just over ONE DAY LEFT to shop this month’s ROMP round before it’s over – so if you’re interested in becoming an official ROMP blogger, get out, grab your pieces, and start blogging!