Fresh 2015 is now open for EARLY ACCESS!

While we open to the general public at 12pm SLT today, we are delighted to announce that Fresh 2015 is now open for early shopping by members of the Elysion Adult Lounge group!

For those who aren’t familiar, Elysion is one of the premiere adult clubs in Second Life, and also one of the major inspirations for ROMP, Fresh, and our goal of elegant kink. The membership is one of the best values you can possibly get in SL for a club group, and even if you aren’t in a rush to shop for kinky things (and you are, aren’t you?) we hope you’ll stop by this gorgeous club, join up, and take a peek at everything Elysion has to offer its members.

And hey, bonus – once you do, you can come grab a bunch of Fresh schwag at ROMP’s 2015 Fresh fair!