Announcing the return of ROMP!

ROMP is coming.

While our monthly events from April through June will have just enough kink to – we hope! – tide you over until then, we’re delighted to announce the return of another ROMP fair in July 2015!

This summer’s ROMP will be much like our premiere fair last summer: intimate, diverse, and without any limitations on what our creators can make – as long as it’s elegant kink, we welcome it. Currently we are accepting a limited number of applications for open spaces in the fair, and we would be delighted to hear from those phenomenal creators out there who are curious to take their first steps into the world of adult creation – as well as those longtime kink creators who may not have joined us in the past. Curious? Come take a peek at the application.

And for shoppers, don’t worry – we’ll have lots of previews for you as we get closer to the event, and ROMP Monthly to sate (or maybe whet?) your kinky appetite until then!