ROMP goes invitation-only for October!

We’ve had a tremendous response to ROMP since we started doing it in the summer of 2014; we’ve seen brand grow and flourish that started with ROMP, and been delighted to be able to pull in designers from all across the grid. To help streamline our organizing process in the future, ROMP is going invite-only.

That said, we absolutely want to hear about new designers! Since even we aren’t aware of all the new kinky creators (or the new creators who want to try kink!), we’ve put up a designer interest form; if you’d like to do ROMP at some point in the future, we encourage you to drop us a line via this form. We will likely pull in creators, both for the regular list and the waitlist, as time goes on (and in fact, we already have, just from our Plurk responses), so it’s definitely a great way to get on our radar.

Interested in ROMPing with us? Click here for the designer interest form!