Early access starting soon!

It’s been three months since you’ve been able to dive into a full-sim celebration of Second Life’s most debauched creations and creators, but ROMP is finally back! In keeping with tradition, we’ll have a special group-only early access on April 15th – from 6am SLT until 12pm SLT, the sim will be open only to shoppers from a few select groups.

Want to join the fun early (and beat the lag)? Stop by either Elysion Adult Lounge, join their group, and then come join us at 6am on April 15th for all the kink you can handle!

Elysion Adult Lounge

Elysion Adult Lounge is our very favorite home for kink community in Second Life. A gorgeous, sprawling sim offers regular social events, shows, and a frequently updated landscape that is incredibly friendly – both kink and otherwise. Elysion inspired us to start ROMP and they have been a supporter since our very first fair, and they are definitely not to be missed!