What is Romp?

What’s this ROMP business?

We created ROMP as a response to the call for high quality adult merchandise and entertainment. ROMP has been designed to promote kinky, adult entertainment, apparel, furniture and decor of the highest quality that Second Life can offer. As kinksters and unabashed shopping junkies, we believe that beauty and quality should not be a hit or miss condition in the adult community. As such, ROMP invites and promotes only the very best designers in SL – both those who have a long tradition of creating/celebrating kink in-world, and those designers who, while brilliant, are only just beginning to dabble in this naughty world.

ROMP affirms kink as alive and well in Second Life and it is our intention to see our community thrive. We encourage kinksters new and experienced to come romp with us and the creators we’ll feature at both the fairs and monthly showcase rounds, to explore your dark sides, your naughtiest fantasies, and to discover a plethora of new, like-minded folks who are romping right along with you.

Who is organizing this?
ROMP is currently run by a crack team of kinksters who work hard to keep our creators happy, our shoppers excited, and our community filled with fresh, innovative takes on adult content. This team includes:

Co-owner- Sati (Satyamalaak Resident)

Sati Sati (Satyamalaak) is a late blooming wall flower. It took her years to learn how to make a box, learn to DJ, or select multiple items at once. When she’s not
co-running ROMP, she decorates, landscapes, and runs a tiny vacation rental sim. Sati’s interests include art, music, and the various creative opportunities SL has to offer.  She’s a bit of a gypsy, and usually prefers exploring in her free time.
Other Current Projects: Hollowtree, The Bower



Co-owner – Kadlin Fhang (Kadlin Fall)Kadlin Fall

Hello everyone, I want to introduce myself to the ROMP community. My name is Kadlin Fall and I will be stepping in as co-owner of ROMP alongside Sati. Although we are all saddened to see Heph retire, I hope to fulfill his role by striving to sustain the spirit of the ROMP event and community, as well as maintain the sex positive, LGBTQ friendly atmosphere he has worked so hard to establish on the grid. I’m very much looking forward to working with all of you as we continue to bring the elegance and the kink to second life.

Blogger Manager – Kismet Faith

Bio coming soon!
Other Current Projects: Confessions of a Second Life Shopaholic, SL Boudoir


Founder – Hephaesteon (Hephaesteon Resident)21485460576_69146b31c1_k-Exposure

Heph is the original creator, together with his former partner Adin, of ROMP. In the winter of 2014, Heph and Adin were sad that only one or two creators ever bothered making things for kinky folks, and decided to do something about it; a few months later, ROMP opened with just over thirty creators, including – unbelievably – some of the best on the grid (Lark, Dutchie, Tableau Vivant, and Roawenwood were just a few of the original creators!). ROMP’s second round was in a full sim, and Heph is delighted to see the event take up two gloriously debauched sims for its second anniversary. He has been honored to play a part in making sexuality a little less shameful in SL, and although he’s riding his pegacorn off into a gay-ass-sunset, he’ll no doubt pop in to see what ROMP kinksters are up to in the future.



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