What we’re looking for:

What are we looking for?

Adult content is hardly new to second life. Since the advent of mesh in Second Life, adult content has continued to thrive… with a few notable exceptions, and only in certain directions.

ROMP seeks to address this by focusing on elegant, elevated kink. We celebrate depravity and debauchery in all its forms. This event seeks to highlight some of these diverse forms – and show what skilled creators can do if put to a very naughty challenge.

But first, a few notes on what we aren’t looking for, either because there’s a glut of it already… or it doesn’t quite fit our theme:

  • Anything made with a template bought off the marketplace. We said 100% original items – and we meant it.
  • Cum layers, cum-streaked anything pretty much. It’s been done. A lot.
  • Gorean-only items. There are tons of Gorean events out there – this just isn’t one of them. If you make something that *can* be used in Gor, great! But it should also be something feasibly available outside of that realm  (either in modern or in other fantasy genres) as well.
  • Tattoo layers with things like “slave,” “bitch,” “slut,” “whore,” etc. carved in or inked. Nothing at all wrong with these – but there already plenty out there for folks, and we’d like people to challenge themselves to come up with something new.


Some possible items we’d like to see at ROMP (that SL is currently sorely lacking!):

  • Attachable implements: riding crops, switches, canes, whips, floggers, violet wand accouterments.
  • Accessories: Collars, jewelry, shoes, masks, cuffs and anklets, piercings and tattoos galore (we’ve had multiple inquires about male corset piercings, for example).
  • Apparel: All manner of leather and latex – done tastefully. Harnesses (both chest and pelvis), hoods, corsetry, gags (all sorts – bridles and bits, rubber ball, silk scarf). Sensual apparel for the discerning Dom/Domme, switch, or submissive – impeccable suits or gowns and intimate apparel for men, women, and all the genders in between.
  • Dungeon furniture: Crosses, horses, posts, cages – these items already exist in-world, but in powerfully few numbers and, in terms of updated mesh, even fewer when you account for kinky items that aren’t only Gor- or medieval-specific.
  • Regular furniture with kinky options: Beautiful brocade chaises that are secretly made for femdom play, four-poster beds that allow you to bind your play partner up, dark mahogany business desks with kinky animations built in – the options here are virtually limitless.
  • Buildings: Fetish clubs for clients with elevated tastes – think silk, velvet, and marble rather than stained carpet and grungy walls. Seemingly-innocent homes with dungeon basements built in – or BDSM dungeons as standalone skyboxes or homes.
  • Kink-specific items: Items relating to shibari, suspension, puppy-play, pony-play, needle-play, as well as tastefully elegant chastity items for both men and women. Once again, the options are as varied here as the delicious spectrum of kink itself.

On Color, Gender, and the Aesthetics of “Elegant Kink”:

While we do highlight darker colors in our advertising and at the event,  there’s nothing saying that’s what elegant kink has to mean to you. You may come up with a hot pink Domme throne (one of the organizing team members would LOVE if you did!), or a subtle jade-handled riding crop.

As well, please keep in mind this is an event for people of every gender and orientation – we would be delighted (and very much hope) to see the items made tend to reflect that diversity. This doesn’t mean you need to create male, female, genderqueer, etc. versions of everything you do – but we hope most creators will take into account that genderplay itself is a common kink in SL, and a little flexibility around who can use your items will give you more customers, not fewer.

Creativity reigns – the more diverse the items created are, the better!


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